In a couple of days the Swiss biggest carnival is going to start. Basler Fasnacht or how the people from the Kanton Basel call it: “Drey scheenschte Dääg”, translated: The three most beautiful days.

We celebrate carnival (“Fasnacht” in swiss german) all over Switzerland. Every Kanton has its own traditions and ways to celebrate it. But to summarize it for people who never celebrated it: everyone gets dressed up and celebrates together. During the day you celebrate on the streets in the city and at night in locations. Of course it’s a lot more than just getting dressed up and celebrate but I think you just have to see this all by yourself! If you’re not from Switzerland it’s really worth it to come by and experience this special days. Below I’ve got some expressions to get a feeling how it’s like.

Nur noch wenige Tage und schon beginnen die ersten Städte mit der Fasnacht. Ich hoffe ihr seid alle so wie ich ganz gespannt auf die verschiedenen Kostüme. Damit ihr wisst wann, welcher Kanton feiert, habe ich die Daten zusammengestellt und unten aufgelistet. Um jetzt schon in Fasnachts-Stimmung zu kommen, habe ich ein paar Bilder aus den Jahren davor, von verschiedenen Kantonen gepostet. Viel Spass!





Fasnacht is being called the fifth season and is being celebrated before the Lenten season. The most cities celebrate Fasnacht for 2 or 3 days in the two months: February or March.  It’s the time where people celebrate together without stress and with no worries. Children don’t have to go to school and also in some cities the adults don’t have to work at these days because everything is closed anyway. In the timetable below you see just a few dates from different cities. You see where they celebrate it and on which day. I highlighted the biggest two:

  • Luzerner Fasnacht: 23.02-28.02.2017
  • Schwyzer Fasnacht: 23.02-28.02.2017
  • Zuger Fasnacht: 23.02-28.02.2017
  • Churer Fasnacht: 24.02-01.03.2017
  • Winterthurer Fasnacht: 03.03-06.03.2017
  • Basler Fasnacht: 06.03-08.03.2017

For those who want to see some recordings from the years before should click on the link below which leads you directly to the Fasnacht movies:


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