7 things Swiss people like…

…Or at least I do.

We really love our nature. Not just the mountains but really everything around it. We love our lakes, our forest and all that’s a part of the nature.



Leukerbad Wallis


We love our water. In my opinion it’s the best water of the world. Of course you can drink our tab water. So, you can’t just drink our tab water, but nearly from every public fountain. Yummy Pure Swiss Alps water! And we shouldn’t forget our lakes are really clean, that means a lot of fun going to swim.


The third thing, we love about Switzerland are our Swiss cows. Yes I know: what a typical thing for Switzerland. But in my opinion they belong to the idea of Switzerland. If I think about Switzerland I automatically think about cows and yes of course about cheese.


Yes the fourth one is cheese. We really like cheese. We love Fondue and Raclette especially in the winter. Both dishes are a meal, which you really can eat with your family. You share the pot with cheese inside with all the people who’re eating with you. That gives us a very familial feeling.

We like our democracy. You can vote about everything and anything. We are as close as possible to a direct democracy.

Of course, and how could I forget we love chocolate. We even have shops who sell chocolate and just chocolate. Best thing ever!

And our flag is a big plus.


Well, just watch this little movie about Switzerland and you’ll find everything you need to know about Switzerland 😉

Switzerland second?! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reuJ8yVCgSM

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