Types of sports to do, where else than in Switzerland


Well, what else than skiing. We love skiing, sure not everyone but most of us. It’s like the Swiss national sport. And our winter weather and our mountains are made for it.


Trekking in the snow

Another sport is trekking in the snow. If you catch a perfect day with a lot of sun it’s really amusing. You grab some friends, a leader and let’s go! Adrenalin is one of the amazing feelings you’ll have during the day. And incredible views over the mountains won’t be a rarity.



During the summer you can go for long hikes. You’ll also have amazing views and be really overwhelmed with all the impressions you get from the Swiss Alps and its beauty. For lunch you’ll stop at an amazing spot often with a marvellous view and eat your picnic you packed before you left for the hike.

My beautiful picture

Hiking view.jpg


Another thing to do during the summer is swimming in our many lakes. Yes I know, people who have the sea right next to them will thing like ok. It’s going to be too cold for us and we already went swimming in our sea. But in my opinion, it’s something else then going to swim in the sea. You have another feeling swimming in a calm lake.



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