For me one thing to feel free is to travel

feel free

Everyone wants to feel and be free. I think everyone has another definition of freedom. For the first person feeling free is having an own home. For the second person freedom means being rich and the third person connects freedom with being healthy. For me one big part to define freedom is to travel, to travel wherever, whenever and however I want. And no one being there to tell me what I have to do or what’d be the best for me at the moment. Humanity wants to be free. Humanity doesn’t want to be held in a cage where you have to hide who you are and hide what you really like. But I think our system is exactly built on that. You often do a job you hate to earn a living you don’t need to buy thinks you don’t like. Well sometimes doing what you like is a kind of freedom and not always what the system has lead us in.

Feeling free is a very high privilege. And travelling gives me this feeling. I feel like I don’t have to do something but I can. I feel like I can do what I like. I can discover new cultures new people and how they live. And even if I haven’t travelled that much yet I realised that I want to help. Help those people who were not really lucky in their lives.

With this blog I want to show how freedom feels like and how I achieve that feeling by travelling. Travelling and helping others sounds like a dream to me and I want to establish that. I think everyone has the right to feel free and happy.


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