What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is a feeling. Freedom is also a lifestyle. Freedom is to love. Freedom is…

Everyone has another definition of freedom. But I think we all want to feel free, to be free and experience freedom. The feeling freedom is connected with a lot of feelings, feelings like happiness, strength or sometimes sadness. And a big part of freedom is also not being oppressed.

Freedom means not being bound on things. You don’t need a luxury car to feel happy and free. I think the opposite is happening if you have too much stuff. You get more and more possessive and jealous. You don’t feel free anymore. You feel like you have to have more and more things to feel free and happy. But that is not true. The less you have the happier you’ll be. In my experience the more unnecessary things people have the less real friends they have and the less free they feel. They feel unhappier than before. Freedom means having friends you can laugh with. Freedom also means having Friends who’re there for you in good and bad days.

Just think about it why does every commercial in the media give you the feeling of freedom? Yes because we all want to be free. And by watching this advert you feel like you have to have this thing to feel free. But then when you have this thing you don’t feel free or happy at all. I think at this time of life where so much bad is happening in this world we need to be happy with the things we have and the people around us.

F*** the rules we want to be free

Just think about it, we always have rules in our lives. We are burn in a world full of rules. It’s a predetermined pattern you live in. Kindergarten, Preschool, High school, College and Work: you always run through the same order. But if you don’t, the population will declare you as an idiot and not capable of anything. Well I’m not saying we should not obey the law. But what I’m saying is that we have to listen to ourselves and do what we like. We are born to do what we want and what makes us happy. And not get out of the bed every day knowing we’ll go somewhere we hate just to wait until it’s evening again and we can go home again. I know it’s hard, we have to earn money to get us a living. But at the same time we want to enjoy our lives, and just feel free and do what we like. A real clinch. Read more

Climate change

Rohnegletscher im Vergleich
Rhonegletscher im Vergleich

This picture is worth a thousand words. Sustainable energy is our future. That’s why we need to change our energy consumption. There are still people who think climate change is a lie and I think we don’t have time for such people. Nature and the animal kingdom are suffering because of the climate change. We need to stop using non-renewable resources like oil, gas and uranium and say yes to renewable energy! Together we can change!

Wir müssen handeln

Dieses Bild spricht mehr als tausend Worte! Wir, die Menschheit muss sich ändern, sonst wird sich nichts ändern. Wir müssen so schnell wie möglich auf erneuerbare Energien umsteigen um Bilder wie diese zu verhindern. Der Klimawandel ist Fakt und wir haben ihn ausgelöst. Nicht nur die Natur, sondern auch das Tierreich leidet unter dem Klimawandel. Wir sind die Schuldigen und müssen dem auch ins Auge blicken. Wir werden da nicht darum herum kommen, früher oder später werden wir immer mehr und mehr auf Erneuerbare Energien umsteigen müssen. Wir haben es ausgelöst und wir können es ändern.  Die Frage lautet nicht, ob wir uns bezüglich unseres Energiekonsums ändern, sondern wann und wie schnell diese Umsetzung gehen wird.

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