Enjoy the Swiss-summer in full trains

The Swiss-summer offers a lot. In every Canton there is something different to do. We’ve got our many lakes to go swimming. Or for the more adventures ones we have the rivers to go swimming. And of course we have our many mountains to go hiking.  Every mountain has its own beauty. But if you are more the city type, you’re also in the right country. We have marvellous cities for your city-trip and in my opinion every city has its own charm. Let’s explore Switzerland:

Zürich lake, city
Bern City

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Christmas feelings by night in Zürich

Zürich is spreading wonderful christmas feelings. Just get inspired by these pictures. The first picture is on a street next to the Bahnhofstrasse. A traditionally swiss christmas market. The second one is a picture of the famous church Grossmünster. The third one is another christmas market at the Niederdörfli. And the last one is a picture from a bridge where you see the church St. Peter Zürich.


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