Enjoy the Swiss-summer in full trains

The Swiss-summer offers a lot. In every Canton there is something different to do. We’ve got our many lakes to go swimming. Or for the more adventures ones we have the rivers to go swimming. And of course we have our many mountains to go hiking.  Every mountain has its own beauty. But if you are more the city type, you’re also in the right country. We have marvellous cities for your city-trip and in my opinion every city has its own charm. Let’s explore Switzerland:

Zürich lake, city
Bern City

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Chiao-Lan-lake Thailand

Thailand travel: Same same, but different

DCIM102GOPROG2252708.Thailand: endlessly long sandy beaches, unbelievable beautiful seas, a lot of people and of course many tourists. But there is also another part of Thailand where people who want to expire something new and exciting have the possibility to do this. A lake: clear as glass and as deep as the universe. The lake in south-Thailand who is 80 km from Phuket has got gorgeous spots in which no one ever was. Things you’ll see are undiscovered places and amazing landscapes. You’ll find the humid tropics near the lake. Birds, moneys and if you’re lucky you’ll also sight a tiger from Thailand in these tropics. Read more

F*** the rules we want to be free

Just think about it, we always have rules in our lives. We are burn in a world full of rules. It’s a predetermined pattern you live in. Kindergarten, Preschool, High school, College and Work: you always run through the same order. But if you don’t, the population will declare you as an idiot and not capable of anything. Well I’m not saying we should not obey the law. But what I’m saying is that we have to listen to ourselves and do what we like. We are born to do what we want and what makes us happy. And not get out of the bed every day knowing we’ll go somewhere we hate just to wait until it’s evening again and we can go home again. I know it’s hard, we have to earn money to get us a living. But at the same time we want to enjoy our lives, and just feel free and do what we like. A real clinch. Read more